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Few programming languages from the 80s made it unscathed past Y2K except HTML: a web page drawn in the 90s looks much the same now as it did then. On the contrary there are gigs of files that were backed up via SCSI on DAT tape using proprietary software that didn’t make the same successful transition into continued relevance. It’s obvious that open-source software, like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, will dominate application development in the near future by virtue of the simplicity of delivering content via a web browser.

It’s a beautiful thing that html can deliver content on any desktop, tablet or mobile with one responsive website. This simple idea allows you to develop the content once and modify it’s presentation to fit the device. So your customer arrives at your website to find it displays like a boss on their tablet or iPhone.

In the case of an existing website, responsive web development can mean the difference between creating a mobile app, or not.

Darwin and his devices

greaterthanhtml accomplishes web development with open-source software including html5, css3, jQuery, Zope, and Plone. We have also developed with php-based WordPress and codeIgniter, but at the time of writing prefer Python for creating dynamic web applications.

As with every project, the first order of business is a design brief which greaterthanhtml prepares to outline the objectives, functionality, features, budget, and critical path.

Once the design brief is agreed, concepts are prepared for approval and production begins.

Typically a wireframe is developed which outlines the information architecture.

While it might be necessary to develop a stand-alone application, that is a bigger commitment than publishing a web page using a markup language like HTML. As technology advances an application advances with the technology. At some point on that timeline backward compatibility becomes an issue. There is nothing worse than an extinct program.

greaterthanhtml looks forward to hearing from you. You can contact us by phone at 780 722 8763 or email

Web design and development samples from the greaterthanhtml archives

Rogue Agent screenshot

Creative boutique offers design and publicity for independent musicians and bands. is targeted at independent musicians looking to promote their recordings. offers branding, advertising, publicity and video development creative and production.

  • Indy band performance videos delivered using html5
  • Social networking presence
The Brand Asset Net
brandasset dot net

Brand consulting, design, and management.

The Brand Asset Net offers digital asset management using Zope/Plone.

Plone is a mature open-source project that enables web application development to support digital asset versioning, user-generated content, membership and strong security.

The Halcyon Core screenshot

The Halcyon Core is a metal duo currently performing in the Vancouver, B.C. area.

  • Audio and video files delivered using jPlayer by
  • html5 animation
Alberta Pharmacists screenshot

Public opinion campaign used newsprint and web in tandem to sway public support for Pharmacists in their government negotiations.

  • Responsive design accommodates screen aspect ratios from the BlackBerry to the Cinema Display
  • QR code in newspaper advertising campaign links to website
  • Family resemblance followed across media from print to electronic following a provided logo
  • News releases carry over from print to the website pro-bono website

Pro-bono website to promote events planned for National Aboriginal Day.

The photography and graphics promote June 21. Some of the graphic design is a modification of the date in typographic form and symbolically with the delta-shaped arrangement of 3-d dots in a rows of 6, 2 and 1 dot. pro-bono website

Pro-bono website to promote events planned for National Aboriginal Day.

Archive and user-submitted portraits of Canadian Aboriginal persons to communicate the idea that the disenfranchised Indians of Canada are human beings by focusing on their faces in order to illustrate their humanity.

Some of the portraits show happiness, other dignity and still others great sorrow.

Aboriginal Times
aboriginaltimes dot com

Plone portal and workflow programming for bi-monthly publication

Unfortunately, this portal was never deployed in the manner in which it was designed, for stringers to be able to submit articles to the publication from remote locations and have them developed wiki-style on the web.

The text of the articles once approved for publishing, would also be easy to use in the publication's camera-ready art which at the time was produced in Quark XPress.

Anderson’s Restaurants
Andersons Restaurants

Web brochure

Creeative Custom Woodworking
creeative dot com

Web brochure.


Webportal to promote economic development in Edmonton. is a community portal that encourages Edmonton entrepreneurs to promote their enterprises on the domain.

Visitors are allowed to compile webpages that highlight their business, event or news to the population of Edmonton, as long as their business or category starts with the letter "e".

Signage Designage

Web brochure

Kawacatoose screenshot

Web brochure
dejour dot com

Web brochure.
emceesquared dot ca

Plone portal allows site owner to edit content without the help of a web master or knowledge of html.
kleinlyons dot com

Web brochure.
lionsgateproject dot com

On-line info on Lions Gate Bridge upgrade RFEI and RFP.
nathansmithlaw dot com

Web brochure.
provinceofsoccer dot com

Plone portal for the general public to post information of events planned for the FIFA-U20 tournament in Canada during June and July 2007.
sigsoft dot ca

Web brochure.
skitchine dot com

Web brochure.
smartseed dot com

Web brochure. Client didn't like orange. Went for blue instead.
stoh dot com

Web brochure for the Scott Tournament of Hearts in English and French.
thewayband dot ca

Plone portal for rock and roll band fan website.


Web brochure

Creative Process
Creative Process

Web brochure

The Cocoa Pod

The Cocoa Pod originally featured a complete shopping cart of Bernard Callebaut Chocolates, Gift Baskets, seasonal specialty items like Easter Bunny or Santa Claus moulds, baking items and uses Paypal for a transaction server.
treatystreet dot com

Web brochure promoting interactive contest to students.
trilinktech dot com

Web brochure.
turtleisland dot com

Web portal presenting First Nations news.
wwater dot com website

Why use html and css? Accessibility. User controlled experience. This site is displayed in the same size window with the type at various sizes. This is one of the main benefits of css, the user can control how the web page displays.

This user-based control of how the design plays is more important than having the type at a certain size or other design considerations that cripple a web user experience, for example when the text is too small for legibility, the window does not fit in the users' browser configuration, or the user has to scroll to get the message.
woodland dot com

Web brochure.

Ten Platers
tenplaters com website

The Plone Content Management System allows greaterthanhmtl to program rich interactive websites that feature security, membership, user-created content, search, internationalization, integrated calendar, news and event, workflow and automated messaging for portal members. promotes a recording by Ten Platers, and features streaming mp3 files of the band’s latest record, “Agent Orange.” This allows users to hear the music but not save the files. Purchase is through Paypal and iTunes.
bernardcallebaut dot net

e-commerce site for on-line chocolate store.