Multi-media is greater than html

Branded content can be repurposed for many applications

greaterthanhtml creates branded video content is delivered via html5, and supported by all modern devices.

The demand for Branded content increases as the internet exapnds.

The internet loves video and most viral content is video-based. Video is a way to pull visitors away from youTube and facebook and drive them to your domain.

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Branded video content

Introducing e4edmonton

Voice-over a composited 3-D animation to introduce a web portal.

Branded content for sharing on social networks as a way to drive visitors to the e4edmonton website.

How-to video for Passionheart

Branded content that demonstrates how Passionheart creates a wrist corsage.

Voice on camera. Creative Commons music by Advent Chamber Orchestra, “Eine Kleine Nachtmusic” by Mozart.

Branded content for sharing on the social networks as a way to drive visitors to the Passionheart website.

Trick photography

Running the film backwards. Going from distressed B&W to colour. Simple in-camera effects provide the unexpected. There are many of these kinds of inexpensive ideas created by early filmmakers as a way to get the shot before CGI.

Archive 8mm

Music video using family archive images transferred from 8mm to .mov format.

Archive images are engaging, unique, and memorable. They are also not available for download from Creative Commons.

SFX filter

One camera, one take filtered in After Effects. An inexpensive way for a band to complete a music video.

One camera, one take

Music video that records a performance. A band would use this kind of unvarnished video to show booking agents how their act plays.