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“Désigner.” A French verb evolved into an English noun. The origins of the root word “désigner” follows the hackneyed onion metaphor so, brace yourself, it’s time to beat that old dog and whip that little pony out onto the stage again.

The outer layer of the root word, a “design” is an arrangement of lines and shapes to form an image or an ornamental pattern.

The next layer of the “design” root word onion, “design” means a drawing or plan to show how something should work.

It brings tears to your eyes, but “design” also means the making of the design drawing itself.

Peeling back another layer, “design” means to plan for the desired outcome or the intention behind of a series of actions.


The first step is preparing the Design Brief.

It puts the process in context of the business problem and proposes design objectives, budgets, plans, desired outcomes and schedules.

Once the Design Brief is agreed, creative work begins and follows a series of presentations, submissions, revisions, and corrections until the design of the sales tool or website or advertising campaign meets the criteria established by the Design Brief and is approved by the Client.

Integrated communications design is a strategy where an inclusive proposition and identity are overlaid on all communications materials.

The standard toolkit includes consistent expression in language and graphic design for core values, key messages, positioning statement, call to action, and graphic standards including typography, colour and grid systems for graphic design, although every advertiser is unique.

The results are a symbiotic relationship between online and real world marketing communications, and a recognizable family resemblance and tone-of-voice in identity, multi-media, web dev and print communications.

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Design samples from the greaterthanhtml archives

Passionheart Enterprises
Passionheart logo Passionheart facebook cover Passionheart wedding tweet Passionheart rack brochure Passionheart 8' x 4' road sign

Art direction, design and production of corporate identity, social networking, web development, and branded content.

Eighteen Karat International Product Sourcing
In Bloom Spring Cover In Bloom Xmas Cover in Bloom Pg 2 and 3 in Bloom Pg 4 and 5 In Bloom Pg 6 and 7

Art direction, design and production of English and Bilingual 32 to 64 page catalogue with logo imprints for downline distributors. Philipp Martin-Morice photography.

Ben Bridge Jewellers
Ben Bridge bridal Jessica Fong for Ben Bridge

Layout of in-store signage.

The Cocoa Pod
The Cocoa Pod logo The Cocoa Pod family of products The Cocoa Pod package xoxolatl kiosk concept Xoxolatl kiosk
The First Nations Employment Centre and First Nations Employment Society
International Internship Program First Nations Employment Society First Nations Employment Society First Nations Employment Society First Nations Employment Society Haida Gwaii Guitars

The First Nations Employment Centre and First Nations Employment Society operate in downtown Vancouver and serve Lower Mainland First Nations individuals with employment services and initiatives.

Poster for “International Internship” student exchange program, poster for “Spirit of the Squirrel” Career Club; poster for “Gift of the Goose” Career Club; poster for Aboriginal Film and Acting Program and poster for Self-Employment Assistance Program.

Norman Fournier, Creative Director, Executive Producer; Courtenay Webber, Art Director; Karen Refern Photographics, photographer.

Argon Security Technologies
Argon logo and strap line argonsecurity dot com homepage argonsecurity dot com splash screens Argon tradeshow display from 3 lightweight rollup banners Argon Security Technologies Inc.

Design and production of corporate communications materials. Photography by Derek Norris.

Aboriginal Times
Aboriginal Times

Design and production of 32 to 64 page magazine including redesign of magazine logo and application to web portal; magazine format and typography; advertising layouts; cover illustrations or photographs (except editorial and advertising photography above). The budget and deadlines were always extremely limited. This branding project also included the installation and development of the web portal,

The most pressing design problem is not to make any messaging to Aboriginal People look like it is expensive. It is considered a waste of money to pay for “fancy design and printing” when there is no drinking water on many Reserves.